Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Lord's Peace!

    Yesterday was frustrating for me.  The details are not important.  But what is important is what happened at one point in the afternoon.
    As I was walking out to the car after one of my appointments, I found myself in prayer.  I often pray as I go about my day, but on this occasion, I had an overwhelming sense of peace in the midst of my frustrations.  I wasn't even praying about anything specific, it was just that I was looking to our Lord and wanting to spend time with Him.  Even in the busyness of my day, I wanted His presence.  Despite my circumstances, I had peace.
    Do you spend time with Him even when you are extremely busy?
    It is one of the reasons the Lord led me back in 1999 to begin publishing the 'Daily Chew' devotions, now titled, 'Reflections on Repentance.'  Initially it was to encourage and put scripture in front of friends and family through another media.  It grew over the years quite a bit.
    But it's overarching mission was to encourage others in their own walk with the Lord, even when sometimes the articles were convicting.
    Enough said!  Now go off and spend time with Him.  Hear Him!  He alone is worthy to be praised!
Soli Deo gloria!
Kevin Haislip